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Blessed Mother's Day - My Note to My Child on Mother's Day: The Gift Within the Grief or One Death on Earth… One Million Heart-Strings to Heaven

A mother only grieves because she loves so deeply.

~Carly M. Dudley

Blessed Mother's Day

My Note to My Child on Mother's Day:

The Gift Within the Grief


One Death on Earth…
One Million Heart-Strings to Heaven

One death on earth yields
One million heart-strings straight to Heaven,
Seemingly pulled and tormented daily,
Missing you these years past ~ seven
now, and counting. Wrapped you are
around my heart, feeling each beat beating
even as you go about your Heavenly tasks,
even as I feel you tugging each step of your way 
on the heartstrings within which our love basks.

Bearing this grief seems somehow a gift
as it connects me this closely with you,
going deeper in my heart that I ever thought
it could go, ever reminding me of our
equally deep love, so that it gives my heart a lift!

(How can I reject bearing 
this cross when it bears you as well,
knowing I had the privilege of loving you
here those nineteen years, and loving you
seven more now from here to There?)

My mothering continues on, in Spirit 
now, not flesh…! So painful, yet, a blessing,
still getting to love you, and that deeply tender 
heart (that cried harder than any of ours each
time we lost an animal while you were here… )

What a gift, what a blessing, to know 
such a love as ours, that keeps on going on,
even growing deeper and deeper, 
(if that is even possible!).
I cry for you so deeply with these mother's tears
that never cease to run dry despite all these years.
What a marvelous love is that, from one soul
touching another?! 

It can only lead one to the Creator's 
heart, what deep deep Love He had for us
that He gave us this love, one for the other. 
(Some people around can't understand what
continues to make me cry; perhaps I should grieve
for them too if they have not such a love as you and I.)

Though grief feels like a curse that keeps me broken 
down, it rends my heart toward Heaven, ever keeping
me on Sacred Ground! Even He, our LORD, was
One well acquainted with Grief, grief  so important in His
Kingdom that even He was not spared that deepest pain 
that can only look to our Heavenly Father for sweet relief. 

So important are our tears to Him, He even 
stores them up in bottles! (Whatever will He do 
with them, these oceans of tears we cry?) He even 
designed in them , now we are told, key ingredients
that soothe our hearts and bring us immediate relief!
It is so like Him to take our cross, and use it to bless us
with deeper blessings than we can see, like cherishing a 
love that lasts through the years, growing deeper every 
year, making our hearts more tender, drawing our hearts 
closer to His! 

He comforts us that all creation groans; it is not only we
mothers who long for our children too soon taken away, 
and yet we get the Greater Grief, for love such as ours will not 
affect us gently; it renders us down upon the ground, gasping 
for breath through each tear. Oh what a vast and bottomless 
love that demands such grieving rounds! 

So my child, I am beautifully blessed this Mother's Day 
to have my heart strung out across a town and two 
states loving your brothers here, and my heart 
strung out all the way to Heaven, loving you
through every tear! 

Thank you for blessing my Mother's Day
with reminders of your love, for visiting me in a dream this week, 
surprising me too with chuckles each day when I see things
I know are from you, a laugh we can share that only your 
unique sense of humor could have sent my way, and so many
other sweet touches that bless my heart each day. 

Hold Mommy close in your heart and prayers, knowing how 
much I long for you, and hold me especially close this 
Mother's Day as I still reel from my short "visit" with you in that dream; 
it brings hefty sobs each time I remember it (for I was sitting next to you!). 

Continue to pull on these million heart strings; 
I feel your loving touch with every one, and 
somehow I'll be able to smile through every tear...

Thank you for your deep, deep love you've poured out for me today 
and every day, and thank our LORD for giving me a precious 
daughter that so lovingly affects me that way. 

Give Mother/GrandMommy my love and a "Happy Mother's Day!"
 through a big hug and a kiss from me. (She's cried with me, too,
 celebrating your love, and loves and guides me each day!)

I love you and miss you and long to be with you, but I thank you 
that you ever remind me I'm just a heart-string and a prayer away…!

Poem - The Gift Within the Grief or One Death on Earth… One Million Heart-Strings to Heaven ~Angie Bennett Prince - May 8, 2014


Wishing all mothers who have a child in Heaven a 

~Peaceful Mother's Day~


You don't 'Stop being a Mother,'
When a child passes away…
Now you nurture 'Spirit,'
As you go from day to day…
Never will you forget them,
Your bodies were once one…
they will live within your soul,
And are never really gone…
The Heaven's know your sorrow,
And every tear that you have cried…
They too have 'mourned a loss,'
When someone they loved died…
Have 'Faith' in your Heavenly Father,
And in Jesus Christ His Son…
He was 'Our Living Example,'
And Death we'll overcome...

~Poem ©Mary G. ~ Love for All

Top graphic, thanks to
Carly M. Dudley, grieving mother

Middle two graphics, thanks to
~Grieving Mothers

Final graphic, thanks to
grieving mother, Ramona Kryski


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Angie Prince said...

Precious Merry Katherine, re-reading this letter I wrote to you four years ago with tears dripping from my eyes... I love you so and am ever missing you baby! ~Mommy

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