Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday's Sayings - If Love Lasts a Lifetime, Why Not Grief?

It's okay to take my time when grieving my child. It just might take my whole life.

Saturday's Sayings

If Love Lasts a Lifetime,

Why Not 


"MOURNING is the constant re-awakening that things are NOW DIFFERENT."
~Stephanie Ericsson


"How do I measure a moment?"
Grief changes all the rules. Success became getting out of bed. My accomplishments were calculated by a different scaling system.

My survival strategy was to get real simple, take it simple, and simply do what needed to be done. Where once I could juggle and multi-task, I started measuring life by one task at a time.

~Benjamin Allen 


"When they died, was my world turned upside down or right side up? When my heart broke my world shattered. What was once important to me no longer mattered. I questioned everything."

~Benjamin Allen 


"Telling someone with a broken heart to "get over it," "quit living in the past" or "snap out of it" is like telling a blind person to 'just look harder.'"


We emerge into the light not by denying our pain, but by walking through it.


"My grief journey has no one destination. I will not 'get over it.'
"The understanding that I don't have to be done is liberating. I will mourn this death for the rest of my life."
~Alan D. Wolfelt, The Wilderness of Grief


"What grief does is it puts us squarely in the middle of a fire, and it burns away everything that is not essential to our lives."

~Alana Sheeran


The Grief within me has its own heart beat. It has its own life, its own song. Part of me wants to resist the rhymes of my Grief, yet as I surrender to the song, I learn to listen deep within myself.

~Alan D. Wolfelt


"Grief is not just a series of events, stages, or timelines. Our society places enormous pressure on us to get over loss, to get through grief. 

But how long do you grieve for 

a husband of fifty years, 

a teenager killed in a car accident, 

a four-year-old child: 

a year? Five years? Forever?

"The loss happens in time, in fact in a moment, 

but its aftermath lasts a lifetime."

~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.


We will never stop grieving because we will never stop loving.


"Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone."

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