Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Faith - "You Cradle Me When...Without Obvious Mend"

Friday's Faith 

"You Cradle Me When...Without Obvious Mend"

"How gently You hold me and cradle me when I rest in Your hands- when I am weak and broken without obvious mend. How beautiful You are to me, as I weep tears onto the pages of Your word and find solace in Your truths and promises. You envelope me within Your presence, and uphold me with Your right hand. You shelter me from all things that may stain or tarnish my heart, but leave me vulnerable enough to choose my own direction. How blessed I am that when I begin to wander, You call my steps back into line. And when the world attempts to tie down my arms and legs, when it fills me with doubt and I struggle to take flight- You replace all that is broken, and You give me wings to soar."

via jesuslovesalltheworldforever


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