Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday's Faith - Fighting Grief… - Could God Use a Wounded Soul?

Friday's Faith

Fighting Grief…

Could God Use a Wounded Soul?

Ragamuffin, ragamuffin, do you

Stick out in this perfect crowd of people?

And wonder—how could God ever use you

When you are wounded, wasted, or feeble?

Yes, you may feel shattered, broken, rough-edged,

But who questions the Master Architect

When He chooses coal from the nasty dregs

To build His temple, despite dark defect?

Perhaps in hands of One skillful and wise,

You can be cut, polished to perfection,

Diamond-in-the-rough t’ reflect His glory;

You may try to hide, cover, or disguise

When He wants humility, submission

From you—choice rock, He picked from His quarry.

Rest yourself in His hands; let Him design;

Don’t hide who you are; to your grief resign.

To complete His plan, He may need your kind;

Surrender yourself; to Him be consigned.

The Master Architect plans His design;

It is ours to obey, yield, and resign.

Knowing in our lives He surely will shine,

We must trust the results to God Divine.

Don't be ashamed dwelling in Death's Darkness;

Love's Light hovers o'er, shining His Brightest...

Poem - Fighting Grief... Will God Use a Wounded Soul? - Angie Bennett Prince - 1/1/2009


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