Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - Please Fend Off Fiends! God Bless the Child-Loss Mommy Griever

Tuesday's Trust

Please Fend Off Fiends:

God Bless the Child-Loss Mommy Griever

Grieving takes 16 hours

Out of my 24-hour day,

Yet what else devours...

Whittling my time away?

Doctors call with cancer scares.

The IRS taxes my nerves.

Property tax man charges fares.

Th' Insurance Company, their note serves.

I cannot charge with harassment

Those who're just doing their job;

But can't you see--each drastic moment

You require, my Child-Loss Grief you rob!

My life has stopped, been put on hold,

And yet I still have bills to pay--

So may I dare be so bold

To say, "All pests, please stay away!"

I cannot even do my work

For Grief demands each drop of me...

So of course, other tasks I shirk--

I must grieve t' restore SANITY!

My heart is broken...

Wide open.

My rattled brain

Is deranged.

My poor body

Is looking shoddy.

My ravaged soul's

Shot through with holes.

Such is the life of the Child-Loss Griever:

A mother's world has come to a stand-still,

Yet sharks molest, seeking to bleed her

Even as her child...lies completely still...

God bless the Child-Loss Mommy Griever.

Please send to her a gentle breather,

And fend off the fiends who seek to impede her.

As she grieves her child, please gently receive her.

"Blessed are those who mourn," You tenderly greet her...

Though others shun, barrage, or pester,

You comfort and nurture this grieving mother.

Poem - Please Fend Off Fiends! God Bless the Mommy Griever - Angie Bennett Prince, 2/2011, revised 9/26/2011


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