Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Heavenly Labor: My Dream of two days ago...

Wednesday's Woe

Heavenly Labor:

My Dream of two days ago...

I dreamt I was talking to God

And assuring Him my labor wasn't hard

Though other mothers complained of pain,

All I could remember was my happy gain!

Then all at once "it" came upon me...

A deep and abiding grief

Wrenching the heart both in sleep

And awake, the pain was oh-so-deep.

The soul-deep cry, this time, no tears evoked

In my awakened state as it has through these years before,

But it made such a strong impact on me...

That I awakened, and realized God's message to me:

There is a "new labor" I am in, it dawned on me...

Perhaps just as some of us are called into earthly labor,

Perhaps others of us are called also into "Heavenly labor":

Birthing one onto earth is such a miracle, even if somewhat painful;

Birthing one into Heaven is, "hell on earth" though eternally gainful.

If due to our ultimate joy, labor is not remembered after birth,

So Heavenly Labor will not be remembered after earth,

And oh, what joy the first labor brings

After hours and hours of laboring;

So can you imagine the avalanche of joy

That will sweep us o'er

After years and years of all th' tears we did employ?

When we see our child, happy upon a cloud,

Our joy we'll exclaim in a thunderous shout!

Earthly birth is a Heavenly gift indeed,

But Heavenly birth unleashes angelic stampede!

We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus.

~I Thessalonians 1:3

Picture: Thanks to Heartlight.org

Poem - Heavenly Labor: My Dream of two days ago... - Angie Bennett Prince - 9/13/2011


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