Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Faith - Help us God as we grieve: "When will it not hurt so hard?"

Friday's Faith

Help us God as we grieve:

"When will it not hurt so hard?"

I got a note from a mother today,

Grieving her heart out, a turbulent day,

As news from a stranger ripped down her guard,

Dropping off shoes belonging to her child,

Sudden semblance of her child's life beguiled

Flashes of normalcy at once her heart jarred:

Her plaintive cry: "When will it not hurt so hard?"

Crying for grieving mothers writing to me,

I turn to You God; this is my plea:

It seems we take and we take till we can take no more:

You lovingly blessed our lives with our babies

Touches of Heaven come down, now a tease,

Reminding us of what we can have no more ~

Seems so cruel as now we're left with what we abhor.

In these days left on earth, how are we to survive

With constant evidence our babies didn't thrive?

How are we to walk through each and every day

Without the children You'd asked us, to guard their way?

The precious treasure that gave our lives meaning

We must lose to ashes, our sweet child's life demeaning?

As days go by, weeks, months, now years are piled,

How are we to live when our child's life was defiled?

"My child, keep your eye on the longer view;

You know if My Son wept, you will weep too,

But your child is not now being defiled ~

She lives here with Me now, awaiting your smile,

For those who sew in tears will reap with songs of joy

All who go out weeping will return with songs of joy.

"Sorrow does last for this little while,

But I'll make up for it with your baby's smile!

Like My Son, you must carry your cross,

Knowing, with Me, it won't end in loss!

Come to Me; I will wrap you in My arms;

Don't be beguiled by this world nor Satan's alarms.

"You were meant to live in Heaven where love abounds,

Suffer there, bearing your cross, and I will present your crowns.

Now comfort one another with these words of Mine:

Satan cannot conquer what's in the hands of the Divine.

Weeping may last for the night, but Joy will come in due time.

Do the work I have for you to do in your lifetime...

And I Myself will guard your babies in the meantime!"

Poem - Help us God as we grieve: "When will it not hurt so hard?" - Angie Bennett Prince - 9/23/11


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