Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - God Taketh... and Giveth...

Merry Katherine Prince and Merry Elizabeth Prince

Tuesday's Trust

God Taketh... and Giveth...

Two days ago, our first grandbaby was born--a girl!

Today, five years ago, we buried our only baby girl;

Yesterday, five years ago, we had her funeral...

grieving she'd left our world.

But today we met our grandbaby who carries the name of our baby girl!

God works in mysterious ways as He gives and takes away...

Thank You that in all our lives You show Your loving way,

For though my baby had to leave me, she lives in Heaven with you today,

And our grandbaby left Heaven, and we were blessed to meet her today!

God who giveth, and taketh away...

You blessed these children with life ~

both with life, and one now with Life,

ever moving in Your Own loving way...

May we lift Your Name with Thanksgiving each and ev'ry remaining day!

Poem - God Taketh... and Giveth... - Angie Bennett Prince - August 7, 2011


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