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Friday's Faith - "Jesus Heard You" ~Corrie Ten Boom, Holocaust survivor

Friday's Faith

"Jesus Heard You"

~Corrie Ten Boom,

Holocaust survivor

Jesus heard when you prayed last night.

He talked with God about you.

Jesus was there when you fought your fight,

he is going to bring you through.

Jesus knew when you shed those tears,

you did not weep alone.

The burdens you thought too heavy to bear,

he made them his very own.

Jesus himself was touched by that trial,

you could not understand.

Jesus stood by as you almost fell

and lovingly clasped your hand.

Jesus cared when you bore that pain,

indeed, he bore it too.

He felt each pain, each ache in your heart,

because of his love for you.

~Corrie ten Boom

from He Cares, He Comforts


Corrie ten Boom and her family were devout Christians living in the Netherlands and active in many charitable aid projects in their city of Haarlem when World War II broke out. In 1940, Nazi armies invaded the Netherlands. Since the ten Booms believed that the Jews were God's people, they opened their home to dozens of beleaguered Jews "fleeing the genocidal Nazi policies during the German occupation of the Netherlands."

The ten Boom family was caught and imprisoned in February, 1944, and Corrie was later sent with her sister to a concentration camp in Holland and then later to Ravensbruck in Germany in which her sister ultimately died. Corrie was released on Christmas Day of 1944 due to a "clerical error"; after the Allies retook the Netherlands and the war turned, Corrie traveled world-wide telling their story; she also founded a refuge house for concentration-camp survivors and another to give shelter to the Dutch who had collaborated with the Germans during the occupation. She tells her story in many different books, but the most famous, The Hiding Place, published in 1971 was made into a film in 1975. She later died on her 91st birthday in 1983.

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"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."

~Corrie ten Boom

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