Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Heart Wounds

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Wednesday's Woe

Heart Wounds

A lazy Sunday afternoon...

Fountain "creek" outside,

Feet propped up in a quiet room,

Husband by my side.

A peace flows through my body,

Birds chirping outside;

Gentle sun through my window prodding

Comforts me inside.

A phone call from fam'ly disrupts,

Inviting to chaos.

To reconnect threatens to tear me up;

It's too high a cost...

I am led to give it a chance;

Ent'ring the war zone,

Heart's protective bubble is lanced

Via simple phone.

Family toxins fill the air

Smother grieving mother;

Poisons from one who should care,

Former peace, smother.

In child-loss grief, where can we go

If loved ones attack?

When a loved one becomes a foe,

Who will watch our back?

Bodily wounds may quickly heal;

From heart wounds, I'll forever reel.

Broken Hearts Don't Always Mend Picture:


Poem - Heart Wounds - Angie Bennett Prince - 9/5/2011

Love is Pain Picture, thanks to Jill Compton


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