Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Faith - God Understands Our Tears

Friday's Faith
God Understands Our Tears

God understands our tears for He lost His own Son;
He weeps along with us until the Final Battle is won;
He carries us in our pain until our journey here is done.

Though our love for our child suffers through tears
Doing battle with Evil the rest of our years,
Facing daily the Evil that wrought our child's loss,
In love, we carry on, lifting our cross,
Bearing the love that has borne the worst cost...

Until that Day… our Lord resurrects life,
Winning the Battle forever that conquers Death's strife,
When our long-suffered pain becomes ultimate joy
As we're rejoined forever with our precious girl or boy.

Then our God in Heaven tells us "the rest of the Story…"
While we rest upon His breast, basking in His grace,
As both we and our child gaze upon His face,
Resting from all pain, surrounded by His Glory.

Pictures, thanks to Grieving Mother, Jill C.
Poem - God Understands Our Tears - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/28/2012


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