Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday's Woe - Sibling Grief Too Abides...

Wednesday's Woe

Sibling Grief Too Abides...

“When you add us up, you always have to carry the one.”

My son was recently at home for a week,
Spent sweet time with him that left my stomach weak:
Hearing his saga, so much like mine
Tales of the heart so hard to define
When you've lost your little sister
(or your child), and cannot get over daily missing her...
Protecting our hearts (as they're woefully broken),
from potential hard hearts who treat souls like a token,
a token which could prevail their own ends,
a token which has no worth till it mends...
a token which has only one dimension
with no need at all for soulful attention.

Where are we grievers now to go
to be blessed and attended versus merely add to our woe...
His heart's cry pierced anew this mother's broken heart
To see another beloved child... by death be ripped apart. 

I thought it cruel that my son too does own
Some of the same depths of hurt as his dad's and my own...
What will break through this terrible pain
As grief still floods this family with its torrential rain?

Grief Quote, from the novel, Carry the One
Poem - Sibling Grief Too Abides... - Angie Bennett Prince - 6/24/2012


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