Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's Therapy - More on "Not Letting Go"

Thursday's Therapy

More on "Not Letting Go"

After last week's Thursday's Therapy where we addressed the subject of "To Let Go," or "Not To Let Go," we discovered the elucidated theory of Dr. Louis E. LaGrand that spells out his view of "Not Letting Go":

Speak to Your Loved One

Dr. LaGrand thinks it's good to have a conversation with a deceased loved one, that it's an effective therapeutic outlet for your inner turmoil, and that when you feel like you are being heard, you receive comfort. He points out that in many Christian denominations, they teach "the doctrine of the communion of saints" which he describes as "involving the belief that the deceased loved ones, who are in heaven, are able to hear you and intercede with God for those on earth." 

He goes on to say, 

If you talk to your loved one, some remarkable things can occur, such as:
  • It will provide an outlet and release as you deal with many changes in the days ahead.
  • It gives motivation toward adjusting to a new world.
  • It is a way to demonstrate love in separation. The deceased is always a thought away in your heart and it may well be an important way for you to remind yourself that love never dies. Though separated, you will always have a relationship.
  • It can be a wake-up ritual.
  • It is an effective emotional release.
  • It bolsters much needed confidence.
  • It promotes inner peace to be able to tell a loved one when something happens.
Dr. LaGrand concludes:

Even though we live in a world designed to keep the spiritual and the soulful on the periphery, it does not mean that we cannot intelligently choose to speak to a deceased loved one.

from Healing Grief, Finding Peace: 101 Ways to Cope with the Death of Your Loved One by Dr. Louis E. LaGrand


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