Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Faith - Where Is God In All of This?

Friday's Faith

"Where Is God In All of This?"

Your child's death will impact your view of God to some extent. Some grievers express that they are totally disillusioned with God after their child's death and therefore don't know where to turn. Others struggle with Him but also know He is all they have to turn to in their deepest time of need. But at the very least, your child's death will make you revisit every aspect of your faith. Your faith has to be reworked in light of your child's death. 

Grief is a process of reweaving just about every aspect of our very foundation, including our faith.

A precious grieving mother just wrote me asking, "Where is God in all of this?" ~ I asked the same question… I knew God loved my child even more than I possibly could love her, and I loved her with all my heart. So I was confident in my diligent prayers to my God of Love that He would keep her safe….

The day the policeman came to our house to tell us she had been killed, I remember thinking later that day, the Scripture says God "is the same yesterday, today, and forever." The God I was praying to yesterday knew this was going to happen. He is the same God today. Why didn't He stop it from happening?

The only way I could reconcile my God of love not protecting her from death was the childlike question I posed to Him, "Did You not see this happen?!" Any loving Father would rescue His child from death if He could!

I couldn't understand. Some things just do not make sense to our human minds. Yet I also knew He was still a God of love and that He did love her. 

This question, "Where is God in all of this?" is one each of us, at some level, in some way, will have to grapple with, and will have to grapple with before God.

God and I have had many "conversations" about this issue, and I am sure we will have many more. What I do know is that each time I cry out my questions to Him, He meets me with His love, with His compassion, and also with His character, His true nature, honoring my questions, yet answering them in a way that is true to who He is, not just giving a pandering answer to His devastated child. 

He gives me glimpses of His love over and over. For instance, even as I was in the process of writing these words to you tonight, "Any loving Father would rescue His child from death if He could!" I found myself recognizing once again even during that declaration, that our loving Father did rescue our child from death in the way that He could… and that was in sending His own Son to die so that, indeed, our child could be rescued from death. Forever.

Picture, thanks to "Remembering Homicide Victims"


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