Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuesday's Trust - From Order to Chaos ~Tommy and Angie Prince

Tuesday's Trust

From Order to Chaos

~Tommy and Angie Prince

How disruptive it is to go against the order of things. It's disruptive of the order of things when your child dies. 

We see in Genesis the order God brought to the chaos. "And the world was without form and void…" He brings order into such chaos. He separates the heavens from the earth, land from the water, bringing order and substance to the "without form and void." In that world of order, there are certain truths: night and day, seasons of the year, gravity that keeps us on earth, water that runs downhill, flowers that come up in the spring from bulbs that were in the darkness of the underground, the sun that melts the snow, order. 

Everything on earth is designed around that order. Our plumbing is set up on the basis of water running downhill. Planting and harvesting are planned according to the seasons that steadily come and go. 

What if the sun didn't come up tomorrow? Like the lights going out at the Super Bowl, our lives would be thrown into disarray, wondering what is going on? What do we do in this state of helplessness? How do we put one foot in front of the next amidst such darkness and chaos?

When there is disruption at any level, look at what would happen in people's lives. There's supposedly an order that you will outlive your child. When that order is disrupted, it is catastrophic to parents' lives. 

Imagine a world then where that order is disrupted. A child is born; a child is raised; a child is about to be launched into adulthood, yet that child is killed. Gone. Life snuffed out. Light turns to Dark. Now the parents' lives become "without form and void." We're going backwards, from order back to chaos, from substance back to void. All amidst a world where everyone else's world is filled with life, and order, and prolific growth. 

Yet for the Child-Loss parent, all is dark, all is chaos, all is confusion… yet somehow we are to "trust"? Faith-and-Trust "is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness." How is that to be done? It's a God-thing. It can only be done with that God who brings order out of the chaos, form out of the empty, substance out of the void. He is the Creator of the Universe. He is the Creator of our child. He is the Creator of our lives. Only He can show us how it's done. And we must ask and seek and remain open to His voice at the very time we may feel the least trusting. Only God can help us to have such trust amidst our abject chaos. Only God can put us back together again, one small step at a time, with darkness all around us while we lie buried in the rubble, merely hoping for Spring...

Picture, thanks to ~Grieving Mothers, Barbara J. Karrer


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