Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday's Woe - Pulling the Strings of My Broken Heart…

Wednesday's Woe

Pulling the Strings of My Broken Heart…

My granddaughter hugged me yesterday
She wrapped me close in her arms
Just 18 months old, but so full of love,
So full of life with her smile that charms.

How can she love me, I ask myself,
So emptied am I by death?
There's no one here; I see my life up on a shelf:
And yet, her first hug takes away my breath...

What is this, the power of love,
That brings such tears from my eyes?
This little one lifts my eyes Above
To search for you in the skies…

A little girl that brings such laughter,
A heart of gold, tender words from her heart
Brings me glimpses of the Ever After
For this is a love only God could impart.

Such gifts of love, my granddaughter and you,
How does my heart contain such love?
Tender moments, like I had with you
Make me know again, our God IS Love!

Hold her close, dear God who draws near...
Hold my child when I cannot,
And hold close this little one who is here
Reminding me there's still life in this broken heart…

Tell me Lord,
How does such a little one
Know so deeply of Your love?
So little, yet so full of You…
Tiny, yet Your love shines through.

Our Father, though in Heaven, Thou art
Thankfully, pulling the strings of my broken heart.

Poem - Pulling the Strings of My Broken Heart... - Angie Bennett Prince - February 26, 2013

Picture, thanks to ~Angel's Attic


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. It tugged at my heart. Since I lost my son, his beautiful 4 year old daughter came to mind when I read this. She is the living part of him that is so full of love. Yes, God's love is in her eyes. Thank you for sharing!

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