Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuesday's Trust - What do you do When Hope Dies?

Tuesday's Trust

What do you do When Hope Dies?

In your depressed state as you face your child's death and realize you will never see them again on this earth, do you sometimes feel you want to die, or wish you would just die too, because you cannot imagine ever finding any relief again since your child died? 

And sometimes do you drift away from God, perhaps in your disillusionment with your child's death, so that it even seems all hope has died? 

What do we do then When Hope Dies?

I received the following message in an email a few weeks ago from GriefShare; in it Dr. Stowell tells us what he believes is really the only thing we can do when our hope has died...

Grief Runs Deep: Where Is the Hope?

Dr. Joseph Stowell says, 

"Even though your heart is breaking and tears are clouding your eyes and staining your cheeks, God does give us something worth trusting in tough times. 
"And that's Him, and Him alone.

When your heart is breaking, you can place your hope and trust in the Lord.


Since heaven has become your home
I sometimes feel that I'm alone;
And though we now are far apart
You hold a big piece of my heart
I never knew how much I'd grieve
When it was time for you to leave
Or just how much my heart would ache
From that one fragment you would take
God let this tiny hole remain,
Reminding me we'd meet again
And one day all the pain will cease
When He restores this missing piece
For God will heal each tiny part

~picture, thanks to Grieving Mother, Gina Cannata Luffman


~picture, thanks to "Jesus Still Saves Heals and Answers Prayer"


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