Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings! ~ Love's Sweetest Sacrifice

Easter Blessings!

Love's Sweetest Sacrifice

Jesus, Lord, the blood You shed

Helps me know my child's not dead,

So though, now, I cannot see,

I know my child does live with Thee!

She gathers 'round Your holy throne

With others whom You call Your own;

And one day when You call me Home,

I, too, will join such Joy unknown.

So now I suffer for awhile,

But then I will rejoin my child;

Happy days I'll know again ~

I'll see with eyes of faith till then.

Draw near me Spirit, Comforter,

For now my heart does long for her...

The little one who blessed my life

Whose death now stabs me with a knife~

Bleeding out former happiness,

And yet -these times- You come to bless...

Hold my heart within Your hands,

Those hands, nail-scarred, from Love's demands.

We, like You, must suffer here,

But we, like You, our Lord draws near,

Promising He will catch each tear,

Drops of Love like Your blood drops here.

Lord, what will all these "Love drops" do?

"Multiply Love accorded you."

So Lord, these tears folks wish would cease...?

"Are diamonds Here of Love's release,

Symbols of investments made

In precious souls for whom My Son's blood paid.

For Love is Heav'n's best commodity;

Tears poured out in Love are as gold to Me,

Sweet investments in Eternity

Rendering returns sweetest to Me...

Tears poured out reveal your Love, you see!

Worldly treasures are worthless to Me;

Sacrifices of Love are what I see,

Like the blood of My Son shed for thee...."

Lord, I lay down my life for Thee,

Pour Your love out, and love through me.

You gave Your All; I at least give me;

May I Love as Christ loved me...

Jesus, You died, and now You live,

Conquering Death that my child might live!

Your death purchased our eternal lives;

Thank You for Love's Sweetest Sacrifice!


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