Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday's Faith - Why Do Our Dreams Have to Deceive Us?

Friday's Faith

Why Do Our Dreams Have to Deceive Us?

Comfort Amidst "The Great Deceiver"

I dreamed of you last night;

You were between two and three years old.

Time with you was a delight,

Time with you, much better than gold...

I awakened, laughing so hard

At some of my antics with you;

And then, I cried, equally hard

Awak'ning to without you.

Such is the life of a child-loss griever

When e'en dreams become "The Great Deceiver."

After such dreams, I've been grouchy all day,

Left longing for you, and our carefree play...

So hard to embrace life, living with death

Where grieving for you consumes every breath.

God, come to Your child ~ hold me as I cry,

Held close to Your heart, in Your bosom I'll lie.

When I lost you my child, in your nineteenth year,

I didn't know I'd be left to grieve your every year ~

Not just mourning my teen, but your every year between;

Losing all ages of you is downright obscene.

God bless us child-loss daddies and mommies,

Left to face life after death's wasting tsunamis.

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