Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday's Faith - Amidst My Despair, Love's Latitude

Friday's Faith

Amidst My Despair, Love's Latitude

At times, feeling abandoned, yet I'm not;

Walking through death, shadows hover above...

Heart heavy, mind muddied, energy shot,

Oft feeling bereft of my God of love.

Even God's Son, midst death, felt forsaken,

Bearing the sin and evils of this world;

Why then wouldn't I feel lost and shaken

When death seemingly stole my baby girl?

But when the Son comes and splits the shadows,

I get a glimpse of her smile in the Heav'ns...

Then I know Life extends beyond shadows.

Light penetrates dark; my spirit leavens.

Though my baby's body was placed on a gurney,

Her Life continues on in a marvelous journey...

God give us strength as on earth we travail;

Remind us; o'er death You did truly prevail.

When all is dark, and we often feel lost,

Your Love prevails, though at Ultimate Cost.

May we never fail to express our gratitude:

You freely gave Your Son, Love's Latitude.

You gave Your Son's life, that our child may live,

Will You not also all things freely give?

So when we feel lost and by You forsaken,

Remind us of Love's greatest acts undertaken.

Lord, by Your strength, may our faith not be shaken...


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