Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

Wednesday's Woe


God, what is happening to me?

Can't people see?

Grief has ripped the heart out of me!

They can't seem to hear

The words I "scream" out ~

I must withdraw

Lest I lash out...

I did not choose this life I've been given,

With my brain shaken up, my poor heart riv'n.

Tears flow out now ~ whom have I become?

A shadowed version of the "other one" --

I am impatient, restless, and weak...

Why do they always ~my "other one"~ seek?

Please give me patience ~

Perhaps like I grieve my baby, they my "other one" grieve,

But they, like me, only this harsh reality receive:

My baby's not coming back,

And neither am I ~ another sad fact...

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