Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday's Faith - God's Tender Garden - Tend Us In Our Child-Loss Grief

Friday's Faith

God's Tender Garden:

Tend Us In Our Child-Loss Grief

Spring is coming! It's here Lord:

Pink and white dogwoods all abloom...

Help us fellowship in accord,

Hearts e'er weeded ~ Make the Savior room!

Come and blossom in our hearts;

May Your love blossom through and through.

When sin's conflict in our heart e'er starts,

Rip it out Lord ~ Keep our roots in You!

And should pests penetrate the bud,

Give discernment to rid them there.

In tender hearts, may Your love e'er flood;

Fill our world with Your fragrant care.

Purple clematis, pink azalea

Suckle from their shaded roots;

We too Lord must e'er avail You ~

Sustenance for all Your tender shoots.

We too walk the Shaded Valley,

The sun blocked out by death's cruel blow.

Then come quickly Lord, please don't tarry;

Your Son soon will set our hearts aglow!

Picture thanks to
Poem - God's Tender Garden - Angie Bennett Prince - 4/14/11


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