Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday's Faith - Can the Oceans Hold Our Grief?

Friday's Faith

Can the Oceans Hold Our Grief?

Listening to a meditation c.d. …

Hearing my baby splashing in the Ocean of Life,

Laughing outrageously,

Having the time of her life…

Lord help me climb into

Her True Reality ~

She has not been robbed of life;

She is swimming in Your Great Blue Sea!

Left behind,

My eyes tear up;

I miss my child,

My eyes fill up…

My, what love does to our heart;

We're never the same once our child does part…

Thank You Lord, You gave us a love so great;

It never diminishes this side of Heaven's Gate.

It will be there still when once she reappears ~

Meanwhile, we'll fill Oceans with our salty tears;

It does not matter how many the years…

Such love goes with us, and never disappears.

Tell me Lord, how do You handle such love?

You have so many children You long for from Above.

Please reach down and hold this child's heart,

Weeping now as I miss my child that from me had to part…

Help me as daily, I wade through my Oceans of Grief;

Hold me,Your baby girl, comforting with sweet relief.

Tell me, do my tears fill the Oceans that bring her sweet relief?

Picture, Thanks to Google Image
Poem - Can the Oceans Hold Our Grief? - Angie Bennett Prince - 11/9/2011 - Day 1,925 of Losing Merry Katherine


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