Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Stranded Between The Now and... The Not Yet

Wednesday's Woe

Stranded Between The Now and… The Not Yet

~Tommy and Angie Prince

So, on the Good side: We got to spend Thanksgiving loving on our two sons, our daughter-in-law, and our little 3-month-old grand baby. It was a precious time, really idyllic. And we had such a sweet time cuddling with our precious grand baby girl, Ellie.

But on the Down side: Though we experienced such sweet closeness with our grand baby girl, such sweet physical closeness also seemed to accentuate the LACK of sweet physical closeness with our own baby girl…

Going through withdrawals now, with the heavy-heart, physical reminder that SHE IS NOT HERE to love on!!!

I read this quote today on Facebook:

"You begin to die the moment your memories of yesterday are greater than your hopes and dreams for tomorrow. To live is to love."

~B. M. W.

Does this mean we are beginning to die? According to this quote it does. Perhaps it's more accurate to say we feel dead already. Any sweetness in the here-and-now feels like icing on the cake, but was the cake our own sweet little intact family? Holidays in many ways just accentuate the absence of that intact sweetness…

Hold on. More holidays to come. We may be in for a long ride yet…

Meanwhile, we ourselves will walk baby-step by baby-step through this paradoxical land that seems to be stranded between The Now and… The Not Yet.

Picture, thanks to Inspiring Greatness


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