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Thursday's Therapy - Blessed Thanksgiving! Balancing "The Grief You Have and The Gift You Had"…

Thursday's Therapy

Blessed Thanksgiving!

The Grief and The Gift

When your child dies, the immensity of still being alive strikes at your core. Your focus shifts back and forth between
the grief you have and the gift you had.

~Writer and Grieving-Father, Linton Weeks

We are so thankful that we were blessed to have nineteen wonderful years with our precious daughter who entered this world in an adventurous streak with never a dull moment left behind. She has changed us in so many beautiful ways that will last us for an eternity. She challenged us in ways that forced us to stretch higher and grow deeper. She encouraged us with wisdom that was beyond her years. And she demonstrated a love for others and a servant's heart before those she loved that both ministered to our parent-hearts and stirred these hearts to take greater risks for love.

Our Grief and Trauma over the loss of our precious Merry Katherine have been an absolute bear for us to grapple with over these past five years. Even as trained psychotherapists, we have been blown away by the toll that such loss takes on a child-loss parent's life. We can attest that very few professionals in the helping field are up-to-speed in helping you with your child-loss grief and trauma in their therapist's office because WE ARE trained therapists, and we are still learning by leaps and bounds what is called for in this arduous journey of grief and we know that we have tons more to learn still.

But we are so thankful for all that we are learning about how the mind, body, emotions, soul, and spirit bear up under the grief and trauma of Child-Loss. We are learning "as fast as we can" what we can do for ourselves to facilitate our own healing amidst our painful journey. As counselors and coaches, we also wanted to share the gift of our child by sharing-as-we-learn about some of these healthy ways to grieve our child with other child-loss parents who, like us, also are devastated by the excruciating loss of their own child.

Tommy and I would love for you to share with us and our blog readers some of the ways in which you have been able, in the words of writer and grieving father Linton Weeks, "to grieve your child and gift our world" by "creating meaning from mourning" in your precious child's memory. Please feel free to write a comment to share with us!

What are some ways you are "creating meaning from mourning" in your deep child-loss grief?

We join together with you this Thanksgiving Day in counting our blessings...

which includes celebrating the life of our precious child even as we continue to grieve her...

Thanksgiving graphic, thanks to
Quote, via writer and grieving father Linton Weeks in his N.P.R. article, "Deep Grief: Creating Meaning from Mourning"


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