Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday's Faith - The Prints You Left Behind...

Friday's Faith

The Prints You Left Behind...

Baby, what folks don't know

Is you left your prints on us

Before you ever did go,

Prints that reach deeper than skin,

Down into the heart, and down into the soul.

Your love, Your laughter burrows in,

Your gentle spirit, the wisdom of a friend,

Your kindness buried deep, now leaves a gaping hole.

Our hearts are split wide open

Now that you are gone...

And yet the Sprit's spoken ~

You're not gone; you're just not home!

We must learn new ways to commune

Just like the Son did with His Father

To keep their hearts in tune,

To let their love still flow like water.

Thank you that you touched me in such a deep way.

May we practice communing one with another

That our hearts may flow together in a new way

Until we're joined together again on that Final Day

When God reunites a precious daughter with her mother.

Until that time, your prints reach so deep;

My love for you just grows and grows, tall as the mountain steep.

Your spirit reaches in, touches my body, soul, spirit, and mind,

Picking up where we left off, with the prints you left behind...

Picture - thanks to Lessons Learned in Life's Photos

Poem - The Prints You Left Behind - Angie Bennett Prince - 11/17/2011


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