Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - Thankful Amidst Death's Darkness… - 10 Things for Which We Are Thankful Amidst Child-Loss

Tuesday's Trust

Thankful Amidst Death's Darkness…

10 Things for Which We Are Thankful Amidst Child-Loss

  • We are thankful that injuries and illnesses developed from our Post-Traumatic Stress of Child-Loss Grief and Trauma are ones that could be resolved, cured, or repaired.
  • We are thankful we now know what is important in life, for Child-Loss can bring great clarity of mind, soul, and spirit.
  • We are thankful we do not have to be around toxic family or friends anymore, and we can have peace and quiet when we need it.
  • We are thankful we've been given "a pass" in regard to what is culturally expected of us, like… not going out shopping for the holidays, not having to make all the rounds for the holiday get-togethers, but rather, being able to have our own values and priorities played out on the very sacred meaning of our holidays.
  • We are thankful that when we see grief taking a toll on either one of us or our children, in whatever of its unique manifestations, that we recognize it, acknowledge it, and lovingly support one another in our unique grief processes.
  • We are thankful for the kindnesses of those family, friends, and neighbors who do "get it" in regard to our grief, and show us their love in small, yet meaningful ways.
  • We are thankful for many new bonds we have formed with grieving parents, whether in person or on the internet. We are thankful for the people who come to read our blog every day, and for the feedback we have received from some, sharing their responsiveness to our words borne out of our pain.
  • We are thankful for the love we have for one another that has sustained us through this tumultuous grief journey.
  • We are thankful for the love of God that has been a constant source of encouragement, comfort, and understanding in this travel through the Dark Night when the very next step in front of us cannot be seen nor fathomed.
  • We are thankful that we know our baby girl is in Heaven, in the care of our Loving Lord, and that we will indeed be with her again Some Day.

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