Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve - When Merry Left Christmas

Christmas Eve

When Merry Left Christmas

How can I be "happy" at Christmas when everywhere

I look, I see the "Merry" with Christmas, yet her bed is bare?

We still get cards that put the "Merry" with Christmas, but

When her stocking remains untouched, I feel punched in my gut.

I look and I look with jingle bells ringing roun' ~

Yet you, my Merry… you're nowhere to be found!

For my Merry left Christmas 5 years ago--

Have people not heard; do they really not know?!

They hustle and bustle, and to the mall they do clammer;

When they see my tears, startled, they ask "What is the matter?!"

When my Merry left Christmas, the sparkle fell off;

Santa crashed his sleigh; the reindeers fell off;

The mistle- was kicked right off the -toe;

The candles lost their light, their bright, cheery glow;

The parents can't nestle all snug in their bed;

The tree is not up; the holly's lost its red.

The night before Christmas never stopped being dark;

Santa and his wife are depressed, so his sleigh he did park.

There are no reminders we have nothing to dread...

For our child is not here; she's not snuggled in her bed.

I call and I call her; I call her by name;

But each time I call her the answer's the same:

As dry leaves that on the silent ground do lie,

The quiet astounds me until I must cry.

I speak not a word; I pour myself into my work,

But still there's no Merry, so I cry with a jerk.

My Merry's not here, or at least she's not in sight;

So it's not a Merry Christmas, and it's not a good night!

But then I remember, on Christmas Day, her Savior came down,

He spread all His love, and even gave her a crown;

And though He was killed on that old rugged cross,

He saved my poor Merry from being forever lost!

For though He was spitefully killed with hate,

Up from the grave He arose, never too late

To save my dear child from death's worst fate.

So He reminds me she IS now by His side,

That she's really alive though indeed she had died!

So as much as I despaired that my Merry was gone,

He put Merry back in Christmas, for she's in the Christ Child's Home!

So now I exclaim, although my Merry's not in sight,

After my God graciously revealed to me His Light,

"Keep the Christ Child in Christmas; He came to fight our child's fight!

He conquered the Enemy; He saved our child's Life!

She is with Him forever ~ Christ has ended Death's Blight…

"So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!!!"

In Loving Memory

Merry Katherine Prince

3/29/1987 - 8/2/2006

Poem - A Christmas Eve Poem - When Merry Left Christmas - Angie Bennett Prince - 12/16/2011



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