Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - After the Holiday's Distractions... Reality Sets In

Angie ("GiGi") and Ellie in her new "Jumperoo"

(with many blankets underneath so she could reach the floor to jump!!!)

Wednesday's Woe

After the Holiday's Distractions...

Reality Sets In

We wisely spent a very quiet Christmas Day together, the two of us, alone... because as it turns out, I was unable to sleep AT ALL on Christmas Eve night (and it wasn't from being excited about "Santa Claus"...), so I just got up and cleaned up all the messy tax papers that I had been collecting over the past five years...!

On Christmas Day, I finally went to bed and slept all of three hours! Later, our son Rollin, daughter-in-law Stephanie, and grandbaby Ellie dropped by around 10 p.m., and we had a sweet time together, albeit a short visit! (Nathan had already visited with us the week before.) The next day, we went by to enjoy more time with them and had a delightful time together with them watching 4 1/2-month-old Ellie enjoy our present, her new "jumperoo"!

After our visit together, Tommy and I left and went by the cemetery to finally put up a little Christmas Tree for Merry Katherine, a little angel, and an arrangement of snowy pine limbs with a red, glittery butterfly "flying" above all. We had a roller coaster of emotions... gathering the cemetery items before our family-togetherness visit about sent Tommy under... such a contrast of worlds. It was all he could do to overcome the sadness and incredible "downness" that came over him enough to allow himself to enjoy our first-and-only grandbaby's first Christmas. Merry Elizabeth is Merry Katherine's namesake, but we call her "Ellie" for short.

But soon, we were there, and Baby "Ellie's" delighted cries over her Christmas present from us, a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo (that had all sorts of bells and whistles, and animals all around the jumperoo) that she discovered could help her jump every time her feet bounced to the floor, seemed to "magically" bounce us out of our grief stupor.

Then, when we left, and I saw my baby girl's picture on a tomb stone, it was my turn to plummet... away from pleasant distractions, and back to our reality...

So I guess we had a bouncing time today too, but it wasn't a "bouncing-good time" like Ellie's!!!

Isn't it interesting how we can go from moments of happiness and then starkly to the, "Oh Yeah..." moments that bring our world tumbling down again? Are these a "How Could We Forget, even if for a moment?" moments, or are they momentary but lovely diversions back into life? Whatever you call it, they are reminders our lives really never will be the same...

Ellie in her Christmas p.j.s ~ don't miss the Reindeer feet!!!

"That" look of delight!!!

Rollin, baby Ellie, and Stephanie,

practicing for their parts in our church's Christmas morning play as

Joseph, "Baby Jesus," and Mary!

Their Christmas card :o)

Pictures, thanks to Rollin and Stephanie Prince


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