Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blessed Fourth of July...

God Bless

Wherever you are on the Fourth of July, I hope that the splendor of sparkling fireworks might comfort as you acknowledge that the love you hold dear for your child is the light that is able to shine through you.

We all have known grief well, yet as compassionate friends we need not walk alone in the darkness. We can lighten the path for others.

Grief can cripple and destroy us, but as we gather to share each other's burden, we are able to gain strength.

Love for our children is our common flame,
sharing and caring keep the flames afire...

~Jane Oja

Thanks to each of you for sharing with us in our grief.

~May you have a Blessed Fourth of July...


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~written by Jane Oja, TCF, Central Oregon Chapter ~lovingly lifted from TCF Salem, OR Newsletter


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