Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Trust Me ~Patti McCarthy Broderick

Brilliant Neon Rainbow,
as we return home from Georgia

Tuesday's Trust

Trust Me

tp.giftp.giftp.gif~Patti McCarthy Broderick

Trust Me

When life seems out of control,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM in control.

When the waiting seems too long,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM in the silence.

When the plan has gone all wrong,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM working out a higher plan.

When you can't see Me keeping my promises,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM faithful.

When the burden seems too great to bear,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM able to bear it for you.

When the pain seems too deep,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM the Great Physician.

When You wonder if I hear your prayers,

tp.gifTrust Me, I AM always listening.

When it makes absolutely no sense,

tp.gifTrust Me, because I AM

tp.giftp.giftp.giftp.gifPatti McCarthy Broderick

tp.giftp.giftp.giftp.gifJanuary 1999

tp.giftp.giftp.giftp.gifCopyright 2004

Thank you for tonight's poem from Patti McCarthy Broderick who is a grieving widow and author of He Said "Press": Hearing God Through Grief (2004).

picture: Brilliant Neon Rainbow as we returned home from Georgia ~mine
poem from http://hesaidpress.com/
book: http://www.amazon.com/He-Said-Press-Hearing-publication/dp/0974755702


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