Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's Therapy - Anne Of Green Gables Rap! ~Rollin Prince and Leo LaCamera

Thursday's Therapy

Anne of Green Gables Rap!

"Therapy" is not always serious...We all need a little fun mixed in with our terrible grief!

So, on a lighter note...

This is just too cute! My son Rollin Prince and his co-actor Leo LaCamera are "rappin' it up" to "wrap up" their performances of the Anne of Green Gables play by WordPlayers this past Saturday night, 6/26/10. Rollin is the one with the medal around his neck :0) Rollin played "Gilbert Blythe" and Leo played "Moody MacPherson" in the play. Click below for two views of the same rap. Enjoy!

Anne of Green Gables Rap by
Rollin Prince & Leo LaCamera


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