Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - When Death Cuts Like a Knife

Wednesday's Woe

When Death Cuts Like a Knife

Since God saved you baby, you might wonder,

"If you know I'm happy, why are you sad?"

As surely as lightning's followed by thunder,

losing you baby still hurts Mommy so bad...

Love invested in you doesn't just stop...

Who would think 125 pounds

missing from this earth would make our hearts drop

and unleash in us the child-seeking hounds?

Th' hounds are relentless, ready to attack

any clueless person who doesn't "get it"

Th' hounds won't settle down until you get back,

ever restless, no matter how much they're petted.

When God said, "Love Me with heart, mind, soul, strength,"

we didn't question His ways nor His command.

His love for us would go to any length,

so of course our love for Him should so demand.

So too, Baby, ev'ry morsel of strength,

heart, soul, and mind corraled to love you...

They wouldn't stop just because you blinked.

They merely regroup to find you anew.

So imagine my joy when God sends a glimpse

of your smiling face looking down at me

It then doesn't matter we walk with limps

in grief, for your spirit hovers o'er me!

So be patient with Mommy and Daddy

trying t' adjust to a new way of life.

God comforts as our hearts suffer sadly

with glimpses of Heav'n when death cuts like a knife.

Pic thanks to @LillyAnn

Poem - When Death Cuts Like a Knife - Angie Bennett Prince - 7/26/10


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Connie Arnold said...

How beautiful and sweet, Angie! I'm sure your lovely daughter understands how much you love and miss her. May God continue to bless and comfort you, help you feel her nearness to you and His loving support.

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