Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Faith - Surprised by Grace ~Tommy & Angie Prince

Friday's Faith

Surprised by Grace

~Tommy & Angie Prince


I've had difficulty stepping out of my own pain to see there is a big picture. On moonless nights, I look up at a vast array of stars painting the sky with their breathtaking beauty... Ahhh!

It seems the times that such eye-opening, soul-broadening experiences happen to me occur not so much when I go looking for them, but rather I just trip upon them.

It shakes me out of my all-consuming pain to be Surprised by Grace.


In the earlier days of grief, I made sure I often sat out on our patio swing next to our gurgling fountain, looking out across our yard filled with God's ever-moving creation,

  • from the flying hummingbirds, gnatcatchers, robins, cardinals, titmice, cedar waxwings, blue birds, black-capped chicadees, and so many varieties of butterflies
  • to the running rabbits and squirrels,
  • to the softly swaying leaves of crepe myrtles, dogwoods, redbud trees, bamboo trees, and the maple tree along with the delicate leaves of the celosia, mandavilla, hibiscus, zinnia, day lily, larkspur, canna, and monardas gently waving in the summer breeze.

Movement. Beauty. Life.

Giving me a clue of a much bigger picture of Life than the tragedy I am living...

Giving me a clue that though my life has hit a stand still, God's world goes on...

Giving me a clue that our loving Father in Heaven holds a much bigger picture of which our baby and we are just a small part, a part that hopefully will come together beautifully once All is known...

Thank You God for Your transcendence. Thank You for giving us glimpses of Your greatness and grandeur.

Thank You that in this earth, infected as it has become with sin's ugliness and gore, You show us many signs of Your beauty and Glorious Grace.

Thank You that in the midst of our raw pain, we experience Your intricately designed handiwork, invested with such love and attention-to-minute-detail so that we immediately have a sense of the nature of Your Love for all Your creation...

And suddenly, we are shocked from our Grieving Stupor for a breathtaking moment... Surprised by Grace.


Day Lilies in our Garden ~Angie B. Prince


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