Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Faith
Faith Quotes
~with Lewis Sperry Chafer

Today we share Faith quotes from Tommy's great, great uncle Lewis Sperry Chafer who, with his brother Rollin Thomas Chafer founded Dallas Theological Seminary in 1924, the first seminary established to strictly teach the Bible, not follow any one certain denomination; it was modeled after Princeton University, but with the addition of much training for rightly handling the Word of Truth… 

"In the judgment of Lewis Sperry Chafer, the college was to be 'a Bible teacher's seminary'; that is, its purpose was to train men in the knowledge of the Bible so that they would be effective communicators of it whether they assumed pastorates, became foreign missionaries, or led Bible institutes."

A little family trivia: 

Both of our boys were named after the Chafer brothers; our son Rollin Thomas Prince is named after Rollin Thomas Chafer, and our son Nathan Chafer Prince is named after Lewis Sperry Chafer. My husband Tommy, Thomas Chafer Prince, III was named after both Chafer brothers (as well as after his grandfather who also was named after the Chafer brothers!)

The following are faith quotes from Lewis Sperry Chafer found in several of the books Chafer had written. (Chafer was a good friend and compatriot of C. I. Scoffield):

"There is no Biblical ground for the theory that even the minutest detail of the eternal purpose of God will ever be uncertain because of a supposed unanticipated action of the human will. God cannot be disappointed, defeated, or surprised."  

"There is no payment required, past, present, or future. God saves unmeriting sinners in unrelated, unrecompensed, unconditioned, sovereign grace."  

"Encouraging men to believe that God will be merciful is not preaching the gospel. All such preaching really ignores the cross. Salvation is not a present act of generosity and leniency on the part of God. Salvation is possible because the love of God has already provided all that a sinner can ever need. The sinner is not saved by pleading with God for His kindness: he is saved by believing that God has been kind. Such is the exact place of the cross in the message of the gospel." 

"Christ did not die to show us how to die; He died that we might not die." 
(~True Evangelism)

An Uncommon Union: Dallas Theological Seminary and American Evangelism, ~John D. Hannah (2009)


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