Sunday, April 8, 2012

May You Have a Blessed Easter!

May You Have a Blessed Easter!

Because our Loving Lord gave up His life that we may live with Him eternally, we have a hope, a Blessed Hope, that not only may we live in the arms of Love forever, but that we will be able to wrap our loving arms around our children again... forever. May each of you feel God's peace today.

Father God, we know all too well the pain of losing a child. To think that You lovingly chose to lose Your Child, the very Son of God, to the most agonizing, humiliating, and lonely death on a cross so that we, your other beloved children by faith, might have be rescued from Satan, Sin, and Death is unbelievably loving and merciful. Such sacrificial love brings us to our knees in humility and thanksgiving.

Thank You that because of Your great Love for us, we can know that we will be rescued from Death straight into Your loving arms, just as You received our child into Your arms. Blessed be the name of the Lord, our children's and our Savior... forever. And ever. Amen.

Pictures, thanks to Grieving Mothers, Darlene Thomas and Jill Compton!


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