Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday's Faith - When Trying to Clean Her Room...

Friday's Faith
When Trying to Clean Her Room...

What's a parent to do
When the child for whom you're longing
Leaves behind only her belongings?
It breaks your heart in two.

Each little note she's written
Expressing her childlike heart
Gives your heart a wrenching start
For this child for whom you're smitten.

Each outfit that you touch
Takes your heart right back to when
Her life with yours was so tightly woven-in,
Yet now ripped apart, it hurts your heart so much.

Each stuffed animal that she hugged
Now just stares at you, forlorn
For the little girl who from them was so abruptly torn;
You hold onto them and cry while your aching heart is tugged.

What are parents to do who've been left behind
By the child they so dearly loved
Leaving only her belongings behind
When each and ev'ry one of them reminds them of her love?

When cleaning piles up from her room,
It seems to pile upon our gloom.
It's as if each pile we pack,
Piles upon our grief pile stack...

And yet our God provides a vision
Of our little girl in Heaven
Helping Him to build her Heavenly room
...With each loving stack we've packed in gloom.

As she builds with Him her room Above,
There's stack upon stack of our symbols of love
Surrounding her to comfort her
With current signs of our love for her.

And since she knows we'll rejoin her soon
She helps her God prepare our room...

Our God of Love makes all love's symbols fit together
As lovingly as a mother bird selects each nest's feather
To build His child a room of love
Reflecting Love's Spirit throughout her Home above.

And He reveals to us we too have a part
In continuing to build up our child's heart,
So now we embrace each loving symbol,
Knowing her Heavenly room will, such love, resemble
Till we too can gather There where all His children will assemble.

Our child, when we gather your things together now,
We will weep,
But we will also before our Father gratefully bow,
Thanking Him that in His loving arms you sleep...

Picture, thanks to Grieving Mothers 

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