Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - An Easter Letter to My Daughter in Heaven

Tuesday's Trust

An Easter Letter to My Daughter in Heaven

Who are you today,

And what do you do?

How do you spend your day?

When we're sad, how do you get through?

How is it to live without sin,

No bad habits, no temptations

To cause you war within,

No irritations, no aggravations

To sap your soul and worry you,

Just happy times and meeting friends,

Sweet times with God to get you through,

Just your pure sweet spirit God ever tends

And loving Him back, the best of Friends?!

Baby girl, I miss you so,

But it does help Mommy's heart to know

You are happy, in the sweetest care

Surrounded by loved ones who are There;

Face to Face with your Savior

His sweet fragrance for you ever to savor,

Hand in Hand with the Living Lord

Who died to kill Death, your sweet reward;

Kneeling before the Almighty God Your Lord

Crying tears of happiness that He conquered Death's sword,

Continually amazed at His amazing grace,

And being held so close to Him, You ever see His face!

You ever commune with His Sweet Spirit,

His still, small voice so close, you can always hear it

As He reminds you who you were, and who you are today,

Reminding how He got you through, and always heard you pray.

I imagine you cry many tears every day

Just like your mommy, when we each pray,

And yet yours are steeped in happiness

For you know the end of the story is faithful to God's tenderness.

Pray for us that through our tears, we'll keep our eyes on our Lord

For He promises all the bitter pain we now bear cannot compare to His magnanimous reward,

Which includes that we'll get to see you

And bask in His glorious love that paid it all for us to make it through!

Happy Easter little one!

Give my deepest love to God the Father, His Sweet Spirit, and His Precious, Loving Son.

Hold me close in heart as I do you

For it's Love that is shared that gets me through...

Picture, thanks to grieving mother, D.T. for sharing
Poem - An Easter Letter to My Daughter in Heaven - Angie Bennett Prince - 4/2/2012


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