Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - More Than Just a "Sunday-School Religion"

Tuesday's Trust

More Than Just a "Sunday-School Religion"

I remember telling someone soon after Merry Katherine, my precious 19-year-old daughter was killed, suddenly snatched away from this protective mommy's side,

"You'd better hope your faith is already in place and established before something like your child's death happens, because you wouldn't want to have to start your walk with God at a (dark) time like this."

And I still believe that. Everything you ever know or knew about God will be tested when your precious child's life is snatched away suddenly, completely, and totally out of your control.

You have done everything to love her, nurture her, provide for her, and protect her. You have prayed for her, taught her about our loving Lord, guided her, introduced her to her Lord, watched her faith grow, then struggle, then grow some more, then be tested, falter some, and then see her run back into His loving arms.

You have been guided by Him to love her, guide her, nurture her, chastise her, encourage her, and comfort her. You have watched a real miracle of faith blossom before your eyes.

And then, Blam! She is snatched away while the God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever watches on and sees her life brutally taken from her. It defies any logic you've ever had. The questions come. The faith is challenged. And yet,

You know

He is God.

He loved her.

He loved me.

And He always will...

I heard myself saying to my husband Tommy today (rhetorically speaking),

"You'd better hope that you have more than just a Sunday-School religion when your child is taken."

That is why I'm amazed that people don't get it ~ (that) my faith is deepened amidst the depths of my grief, deepened in the trenches of death in the way that no Sunday School class, no sermon, and no song from the choir could ever begin to touch. Why?

Because God is here ~

With me in the trenches.

Helping me to breathe my every breath.

And He is more real to me in every way because I could not take one more step, not even a baby step, without Him by my side...



In the fire.

In the fear.

In the doubts.

In the agony.

In every living, waking, walking, stumbling moment.

And I know Him deeper than I've ever known Him before, and I can attest:

He is faithful.

He is here.

And He is love.

Picture, thanks to Grieving Mothers


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