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Saturday's Sayings

Struggling...Amidst the Pain of Grief

~via Grieving Mother, M.C.


~via Grieving Mothers


My mom, she tells a lot of lies
She never did before.
From now until the day she dies
she'll tell a whole lot more.

She used to tell the truth, a lot
but now it doesn't matter.
I died and went to heaven,
her life is all a-shatter.

Ask my mom how is she.
She'll say, "Yes, I'm fine!"
She wants to beg "Please help me,
I can't find that child of mine!"

Ask my mom, how is she,
she'll say, I'm alright."
If that's the truth then tell me,
why does she cry each night?

Ask my mom, how is she,
she seems to cope so well.
She didn't have a choice, you see,
nor the strength to yell.

You think you know the feeling,
but this cannot be.
For even though you loved me,
you didn't love as much as she.

She will smile and tell you,
"It's ok God has a plan."
But she will turn away and cry
cause she just can't understand.

Tell a joke and she will laugh,
but she is not ok.
She wants to share the joke with me,
but it will not be today.

I watch her here, from Heaven.
Her distress disturbs my peace.
Will someone please take care of her,
and thus take care of me?

"Some day you will feel better."
"Yes I will." she lies.
She knows this will not happen,
until the day she dies.

"I was so lucky!
I had him all those years!"
(They passed in a minute,
I shed so many tears.)

Ask my mom how is she,
She'll say, "Thank you. Good."
She cannot tell you how she feels.
Oh, how I wish she could.

Ask my mom how is she,
"I'm find, I'm well, I'm coping."
For God's sake, mom, just tell the truth.
Just say your heart is broken.

Ask my mom how is she,
"I'm well, I'm good. And you?"
I'll shake my head in Heaven.
It simply isn't true.

She'll love me all her life.
I loved her all of mine.
But if you ask how is she,
she'll lie and say she's fine.

Her carnival is over.
She's stepped off the carousel.
But, to save you feeling badly,
She'll say, "Thanks, all is well."

My mom, she's not gone mad, yet
but, oh so very nearly.
Don't ask my mom how is she,
Ask how is she, really.

I am here in Heaven.
I cannot hug from here.
If she lies to you, don't listen.
Hug her, hold her near.

On the day we meet again,
we'll smile and I'll be bold.
I'll say, "You're lucky to get here, mom,
with all the lies you told!"

~Poem shared by Grieving Mother L.N.M.

"Like a Rosebud that never fully blossoms, You were gathered back into God's Heavenly Garden of Souls. Loving you always and forever..."

~Sweet memorial from Grieving Mother, A.M.B.


~The Compassionate Friends


Prayer and Grief
April 23, 2012 
Prayer is not about getting my way, but about getting myself out of the way.
This thought came to mind yesterday as I contemplated the wonder of prayer.
Prayer has been key to holding me up and holding me together as I grieve.
I’m celebrating that unlike during past crises, I haven’t backed off from praying. When my sister took her life 32 years ago, I battled with “Why pray?” My anger was, “I prayed for her healing from schizophrenia, and then she died.”
“She’s healed now that she’s in heaven,” people said.
The healing I wanted was in the here and now.
I felt the same way about my brother when someone said, “He’s in heaven—healed.”
But instead of backing away from God because I didn’t get my way, I’ve moved closer.
Here’s part of a prayer which I had in my computer devotions. I prayed it after my brother’s back surgery that brought him to a place of agonizing pain. “Lord, give him courage. Let him turn to You during this difficult time of recovery. Thank You for using this time for his good and for Your glory. Touch him spiritually and let him know that touch came from You.”
Lately I’ve prayed that prayer for myself as I grieve his suicidal death. “Lord, give me courage. Let me turn to You during this difficult time of recovery. Thank You for using this time for my good and for Your glory. Touch me spiritually and let me know that touch comes from You.” I’ve also prayed this prayer for family.
As I’ve stayed connected to God, praying the above prayer, Scripture prayers, pouring-my-heart-out prayers as well as short prayers like, “Calm me,” “Help, Lord,” “Please intervene,” God has touched me.
Prayer brings me from feeling perturbed to feeling peaceful. These verses affirm that:
…The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:5-7 NASB
Prayer truly is the pathway to peace and to getting myself out of the way, so I can see and sense God. I am calmed because in this place of connecting to Him called prayer, I’m reminded He is still my Lord and my Strength, and He knows how I feel.
He too has a loved One who died in a tragic way.
Are you staying connected to God through prayer despite grief and loss?

~via D.C.T., The Addict's Mom

~via Grieving Mother, T.C.


"As I rest my soul in the beauty of His love
I will clear my mind, set my affections high above
My eyes will be enlightened to see the wonders of His grace
In the spirit I'll see Jesus and His tender loving face
What glory I encounter as His peace flows over me
All else can pass me by for in Him my heart is free
His grace abounds like rivers rushing through my weary soul
Strengthened by His Spirit I'll reach the heavenly goal
Nothing shall ever separate or ever come between
Our perfect bond of love beyond my every dream
There is no one else beside Him I need each passing day
He excels above all gods He's the truth the Life, the way." 
~Lollita Faith~  

As you speak these words into your life everyday may you feel His presence close beside you may they bless you and encourage you this day my sweet friends and have a blessed week Love you all

~via Grieving Mother, J.L.



When your heart feels heavy from the burden of grief, it is good to seek out reminders that the gift of hope is alive within us. One of the best reminders of hope is the season of spring.

When you are weary from grief, take a rest outside by a babbling brook, or sit for a while under the starry sky. Spend a few moments watching the butterflies at play as they flit to and fro enjoying the gifts of nature. Listen to the sounds of the birds in the far off distance singing their songs of cheer as they glide through the early morning sky.

Take a close look at the blade of grass as it is pushing its way through the soil and be reminded that following every winter there is a spring. With spring comes the freshness of a new season. There are colorful bursts of flowers, sunrises that will take your breath away, and magical moments of serenity that will fill your soul with peace that can only come from our heavenly Father.

Grief continually presents us with all kinds of reasons to be lonely and afraid. But spring presents us with gifts of hope to carry us through our pain and fear. Embrace every moment of springtime and be filled with hope! -Clara Hinton

“Springtime erases all doubts that God is near and has not left me alone in my grief and fear.”

~By Wings of Hope Grief Counseling & Support Center

~via Grieving Mother, V.W.D.


~via Grieving Mothers



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