Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday's Woe - How Do We Get Our Minds Right for This? ~by Tommy Prince

Wednesday's Woe

How Do We Get Our Minds Right for This?

~by Tommy Prince

How do you sufficiently prepare to face dismantling your deceased child's bedroom? How do you fold up each and every belonging of the child you so long for, but now only have the belongings she left behind? How do you touch every stuffed animal, every personal note she wrote, every outfit she wore without becoming dismantled yourself?

Furniture is coming soon. We've got to do something as there's not enough room to put more pieces of large furniture, at least as things now stand. Angie's parents have both died now, and they had wanted her to have some of their furniture and treasured possessions. The furniture has been divided among her parents' surviving children, and soon it will be transported to each child's home. Ready or not, here it comes...

Normally, with big projects facing me, I say, "I've just got to get my mind right." Working on the car, working in the yard, cleaning out the garage, etc. whether in the heat or in the cold, I somehow manage to tackle these exacting tasks one way or another. My son has asked, "Daddy, how do you do that?" And I always say to him, "I just have to get my mind right."

But this? This project involves much more than just getting our minds right. How are we to "prepare" for this major project? This project threatens to, and I'm convinced it will, rip our entire hearts out...

Picture of teenage girl dressing up in her room: http://www.webstockpro.com/BigCheese/BCP923-27.Teen-girl-dressing-up-Photo/


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