Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday's Sayings - Grief Scars...

Saturday' Sayings

Grief Scars...

The Gift Of Knowing You

There are gifts of many treasures

For both the young and old,

From the tiniest little trinkets

To great boxes filled with gold.

But, put them all together

And they could not stand in lieu,

Of the greatest gift of all

The gift of knowing you.

When your times are filled with troubles

Sadness, grief, or even doubt,

When all those things you planned on

Just aren't turning out.

Just turn and look behind you

From the place at which you stand,

And look for me through the shadows

And reach out for my hand.

I will lift from you your burden

And cry for you your tears,

Bear the pain of all your sorrows

Though it may be for a thousand years.

For in the end I would be happy

To have helped you start anew,

It's a small price to pay

For the gift of knowing you.

~ Dave Stout

By: Just BE




”It's a lie to say you've let go of the past. The past is made up of our memories and nobody lets go of memories. Each tear is an unforgettable memory. Each smile is an undeniable mark. Each heartbeat is an un-erasable scar because really, there's no such thing as forgetting. Only acceptance.”

~via Just BE


When you genuinely love a person, you are willing to learn the song that they carry in their heart. To walk with them, singing, dancing, and sharing the journey...

And if a day should come when they have forgotten the lyrics, the melody, and the song...

That is when you are a real friend to them and you can sing it to them ... to remind them that they are loved...Always.

~via Just BE


Let the love and light of God's Kingdom radiate through you until all who look upon you shall be illumined by its reflection.

~A. B.

~via Just BE


‎"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

~ Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

~via Grieving Mother, F.B.







Peace in Heaven

You're peacefully

now sleeping

In a world of purest light,

Where angels sing

their sweet refrain

And where everything

shines bright.

Beside the tranquil waters

You walk along each day,

Where the blossoms

are so beautiful

With the colors they display.

You're so very dearly thought of

And every precious memory,

Has left a lovely rainbow

That will last eternally.

~From Grieving Mother, Melody Hill, lovingly sent to me on Merry Katherine's birthday

Thank you, Melody!




For Fun. . .

~Thanks to Grieving Mother, Melody Hill


Pictures, thanks to Jill Compton, Darlene Thomas, Just BE, and Melody Hill


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