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Friday's Faith - Signs of Love from Heaven

Friday's Faith
Signs of Love from Heaven

Some people journeying with grief say that "moments of connectedness" comprise one of the most powerful aids to healing. They describe times during which they feel strongly that a loved one is present--a visitation, a dream, a sign or a symbol…
Others have described vivid dreams which they felt a sense of time spent with their loved ones. Some describe events such as lights suddenly turning on or off or coins found in various places in and out of the home. Such events cannot be fully understood or explained, yet they provide healing for those who are open to the phenomenon. Frequent sightings of special birds like cardinals, hummingbirds, and eagles are healing reminders of many…

~Thomas M. Ellis,
This Thing Called Grief: New Understandings of Loss

Sitting on my patio, meditating outside in the beautiful sunshine on this Sunday afternoon, on this bittersweet and poignant day of Mother's Day… I am rocking in a porch rocker looking into my beautiful crimson red mandevilla with all it's bursting blooms next to our bubbling patio fountain, when I delight to see the first sighting of a hummingbird, its glistening green back hovering right before me, visiting and dining on each mandevilla blossom before me. Suddenly, for reasons still unknown to me, I burst into tears… 

I began to speculate… Perhaps  simply the beauty of God's creation appearing so close to me, a shockingly intimate moment with my Creator Lord, able to so closely admire the amazing beauty He bothered to invest into one little bird out of all of His creation…for His and our delight. 

… Perhaps the relief that these precious birds would come back to us once again to revisit us off and on for another Spring and Summer overwhelmed me in that moment. 

… Perhaps both of these reasons, and the sudden thought hit me that my sweet baby may be sending me this  special moment to remind me on this Mother's Day that she's thinking about me, when I felt her speak "Mommy, I am here… I love you!" We talked back and forth a bit on this special day, having a sweet Mother-Daughter "visit"!

So the tears continued to pour. Then as I thought of all the special happenings over the weekend, I was inspired to write the following poem. 

Signs of Love from Heaven

A hummingbird!
(First one of the season!)
Great Crested Flycatcher
stopped by earlier today with its
magnificent yellow belly!
(First one of its type I've ever seen!)
A new song revealed,
expressing our
"Heavenly" child's love
for her mother!
A new poem given!

All signs of you 
on Mother's Day…
Signs you are remembering
from Heaven's shores
and sending your love,
nurturing my grief-struck chords
with your tender heart ~
You're still a part
of our life on planet earth
while you soar the Heavens!

Your heart prints are felt
though you are not "here" ~
gifts of your love
slip through earth's sphere,
Touches of grace
that render your face:
My baby girl ~
Is still a part of my world!
God's in His Heaven,
Making all right with His world.

Thank you, Baby Girl, 
for making your way
known in time for this, 
my special Mother's Day!

Poem - Signs of Love from Heaven - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/13/2012
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