Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - "Sacred Hoax"

Tuesday's Trust
"Sacred Hoax"

A contrast of worlds,
A fury spent:
As I will not comply
With their "Sacred Hoax." 
"We will be 'happy' (though
they are not);
You will comply(though I am not). 
A contrast of worlds
A fury spent:
Death amongst life?
Their fury rife... 
"It's not the southern way;
We play pretend ~
As if all were gay,
Not 'Gone with the Wind.'" 
Their Battle Cry
Wants to overpower mine ~
"I've lost my child!"
~ "Oh stop your whine!
We like to play
As if all were gay;
You spoil our party;
Our 'Sacred Hoax' should win!" 
A contrast of worlds,
A fury spent:
I miss my baby girl ~
Reality wins. 
A contrast of worlds ~
Relationships hurled,
For they cannot deal
With what is real. 
Life is not fair,
But God meets me there...

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