Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wednesday's Woe - Compassion?

Wednesday's Woe



"Get over it" injunctions aimed at me
And my mother's grieving heart ~
Is that your version of empathy 
When my whole world has fallen apart?

Our Lord says, "Bear one another's burdens,"
Yet when you see me with grief burdened down,
Do you reach out to help lift my burden,
Or pile on your judgment and make me drown?

Holidays come, only to spotlight her chair so empty,
Yet, you, my burdens only compound,
Demanding I drive hundreds of miles to your town
And bring my broken heart to your festive party
To play "Merry Holiday" with family
when my Merry...
has been 

Tell me, is this your version of compassion ~
To pound me, when my world is crashing down?

Poem - Compassion? - Angie Bennett Prince, 5/11/2012


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