Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wednesday's Woe, Death All Over Again… ~Angie and Tommy Prince

Wednesday's Woe

Death All Over Again…

~Angie and Tommy Prince

On my blog, at the top of the page, I invite readers to email me. At the end of the posts, readers are also welcome to comment on the post. Tommy and I have a heart for fellow grieving parents. In many ways, we feel their pain.

But oh how woeful it is that we see Death happening All Over Again.

New parents, usually about one a week, sharing new deaths of precious children. We read them all. We grieve with them. Our hearts go out to them.

But when we try to write a word back to them, we are rendered speechless.

No!!!!! Not again!!!!! Not another precious child, Not another precious mother and father to grieve this terrible grief, Not more death upon death!!!

But not one word can we say. At least, not right away. It takes quite awhile for us to settle back down to share our heartfelt condolences with these hurting parents. The pain quite literally leaves us speechless. We are counselors who deal in people's pain all the time, walking through the pain week after week with people.

But the pain that comes upon hearing yet another child is gone, leaving horrific grief for the parents left behind?
We are rendered speechless, time after time after time…

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