Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - Telling Our Story: Our Truth versus Their Denial

Tuesday's Trust

Telling Our Story: 

Our Truth versus Their Denial

How is it we face Death's reality
When others march illusively along,
And yet when we face our mortality,
By admitting our weakness, we are strong?

In a single blow, Death shattered our illusions,
For we abruptly learned a child could die,
But others still cling to their delusions
And beg us ~ by their denial ~ to lie:

"Tell us you've not been thrown in Hell's pit,
Daily grieving the loss of your child;
Buck up! Cheer up! For I cannot bear it!
Your broken heart makes me see Satan's wiles…
It unleashes upon me some hell on earth
To see a mother can be parted from her child
When with empty arms, she questions her worth
And cannot function in this world for such a long while."

But we ~ we who by Death have been vilely robbed…
Cling to our truth ~ "Yes! Our child has died,
Wrenching our hearts till we sob and sob.
 Our LOVE is too large to succumb to your lie;
We can no longer 'play pretend'
When life as we knew it has come to an end!"

And yet I observe a transformation
As we daily face the Truth that stopped our life:
Our tears call down Comfort ~God's restoration~
Love carries us in our grief as with Death we strive.

Love embraces the love in this mother's heart;
His tears with mine start to co-mingle.
For love of my child, He did His own part:
He gave up His child, His single Son
Which unleashed enough of His tears to fill the River of Life
Empowering His Child and mine to end death's strife,
Both restored to His arms to live their everlasting life!

Embracing such Truth sets this mother free
Despite the fact that I still shed many-a-tear;
Love's comfort empow'rs me to live my life here,
While Love's death paved a way for my child and me
To live together with Love for all eternity!

Picture, thanks to Grieving Mother, K.G.
Poem - Telling Our Story: Our Truth versus Their Denial - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/28/2012


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