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Saturday's Sayings - Missing Your Light...

Saturday's Sayings
Missing Your Light...

There are days when troubles fall all around. 
When dark clouds bring hope crashing to the ground. 
The road once easy turns rugged and steep. 
Weary, bruised and broken you can only weep. 
But during these storms that life will send, 
God is with you to the very end.

~Jimmy McClendon



My Heart

it happened again today
as it has many times before

the bandage 
it loosened 
the stitches 
they broke free

all at once ruptured
and the life poured out

fragments now
carried by tears
waiting for kisses
tossed upon the currents
such beautiful music 

never again to be heard… 

~Grieving Mother, Tammy Brown in loving memory of Larry Brown




My tear stained voice
runs wearied to You,
as it carries a melody
that my heart misplaced.
Your light lifts
my tired and broken soul's voice,
as I hold up a heart,
in deep need of grace. 
Will You teach me to sing,
when I don't know the words
and the music won't flow.
Will You show me your song?
will You dance in my heart,
place my steps where they'll grow? 
My silent pen stands
on the blank, empty page,
while it waits to move forward
from this soundless place.
This story I'm living
was written by You.
Will you move in my pages
and carry me through? 
Will You teach me to read,
when I don't see the course
that You wrote for my life?
Will You show me your words,
that You wrote on my heart,
before You wrote time? 
Will You teach me to see?
Every moment You are
where You want me to be.
Will You show me Your way?
So I can live in Your truth
until my dying day. 
When I look to your Son,
I fall in His arms
and You tell me my journey is done. 

~Copyright 2010 Christi Armstrong
(Some capitalizations, mine)



My Child Has Been Set Free

Daughters hold a special bond
That nothing can replace
Their smiles can chase the blues away
And brighten up a face.

Joys we’ve known, a special day
Shared between us two
Secret talks and peaceful walks
Just to name a few.

Times of reminiscing
The day you learned to crawl
Looking through the photos
I’ve always kept them all.

But one sad day, the phone did ring
It tore my world in two
A voice came on the other end
“I have bad news for you.”

The precious girl, I loved so much
Was quickly leaving me
So many things we might have known
Will never come to be.

Thoughts of her are everywhere
I cannot let her go
But somewhere up in heaven
A star does softly glow.

She sees a Joy unknown to me
Her face is full of Light
They walk into the Promised Land
God holds her hand so tight.

Just as the shifting sands of time
Flows gently out to sea
Here today and gone tomorrow
My child has been set free.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson

~via B.J.S.A.




  • ☜♡☞ Dancing With Angels ☜♡☞

    It’s just so hard to believe

    All I have to hold is your memory

    From this side of the clouds all I see is grief

    But on the other side I know you’re free

  • And you’re dancing, dancing with angels.

    Somewhere just out of my reach

    You’re keeping heavenly company

    When I’m feeling lonely it’s for myself I cry

    ‘Cause there aren’t any tears in paradise

  • When you’re dancing, dancing with angels.

    I can almost hear your laughter

    See the fullness of your joy

    Knowing that you’re present with the Lord

    And though today I miss you I know the day will come

    When every believer will behold the Son

  • And we’ll be dancing, dancing with angels.

    1997 Dayspring Music / Lehsem Music
    Words and Music by J. Mandeville & S. Siler
~via grieving parents, A.S. and G.M.D.


On my worst days I know
Your light will find its way to me.

Pictures, thanks to Grieving Mother ~ Jill C., Grieving Mother, Tammy Brown, Grieving Mother ~ D.T., Remembering Homicide Victims, Letters to Heaven, and Happy Heart Daily


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