Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Woe - How Could We Have Been So Wrong?

Wednesday's Woe

How Could We Have Been So Wrong?

~Tommy and Angie Prince

Grieving mother, "Mama Pundit" (whose picture I used in Tuesday's post) wrote a book about raising a child with attachment bonding. She loved and she lost...

Tommy and I believed in conscientious parenting also. We alternated days at the office so that one of us could always be home with our children. We eventually moved our office to our house so that both of us could be more available to our children.  

We raised our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We raised them in church, at times even in our own "home church" when churches got away from what was important about God. Our children's teen years were invested in a youth group that believed in truly discipling one another to grow closer to God, and closer to God did each of them grow! Each of our children had a tender heart toward God, and toward loving others regardless of color, class, or creed. 

Each of our children had a healthy sense of humor and were surrounded by friends who loved to laugh at them and their antics. They were all outgoing, and tended to reach out to those who weren't always included. 

They each were dedicated athletes, embracing the disciplines of hard work and much sweat.  

Our bonds with each child were strong and wholesome. Despite natural growing pains, we were all very real with one another. We truly loved one another, and freely shared that, with words, with affection, and with actions.  

The unbearable truth of it all is that you can do everything right, and things still can go so wrong...

Picture from Shinnston tornado


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