Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Faith - A Day in the Life of Grief, 2277 days into our Child-Loss

Friday's Faith

A Day in the Life of Grief,

2277 days into our Child-Loss

I had a wonderful day,
A day of pure delight.
Not one of my nerves did fray;
None of my fears did fright!

The day was a sunny fall day, 
My pink mandevillas still abloom;
Orange maple leaves lit up their bright display,
Shattering any potential signs of gloom.

Having had eight hours of blessed sleep
And my tummy healed up at last,
Daddy and I went out to eat
After good sessions with clients I'd had.

The waitress was gracious and kind,
Introducing a "crispy asparagus" dish;
The grief thoughts that crossed my mind
Brought tears in the restroom along with my fond wish…
With gratitude for such days of love,
Reminders of sweet memories with Mother
As I'd just shared with my client that two years ago, she'd gone Above,
But she'd had years with me, sharing my grief over you like no other,
For we both had in common, being a Child-Loss Mother…

Daddy and I went to the bookstore, having fun making a choice
Of a little pink sock-monkey we'll get to share with baby Ellie today;
We even had time to early vote, both celebrating getting to have a voice,
As well as getting to have an exceptional day!

It's wee hours of the morning now,
As from another nightmare I would awake,
Discovering your daddy's still awake, as his racing heart, no sleep would allow,
And now I too cannot sleep, as I'm having a painful tummy ache...

As you can see, there's delight amidst our pain:
We are blessed by so very much
And yet we know we're forever changed
As we still have loved ones like you we long to touch.

But I must say amidst my falling tears,
We're still so very grateful for so many blessed years.
Those years too, were filled with joy… and pain,
But somehow the joy overshadows the pain!

We so look forward to that Final Day
When our Joy will forever overshadow our pain
When we'll get to forever rejoin with you and our scattered loved ones again!

Pictures, thanks to ~Star bright angels via Grieving Mother ~Jill Compton, and ~Wings of Hope-Living Forward, via Grieving Mother ~Kathy Martibello-Stieff 
Poem - A Day in the Life of Grief, 2277 days into our Child-Loss - Angie Bennett Prince - 10/26/2012


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